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The Uplevel Collective team specializes in producing lifestyle & travel programming, web content, and tailoring multi-media packages to corporations alike. May you be looking to film a promotional video, build an online YouTube channel, or add quality imagery to your website - Uplevel Collective has affordable rates to fit your project.


There are many qualities clients value when working with Uplevel Collective - one being that our team makes your project a priority from concept to delivery. With two in-house editors & editing bays, voiceover booths, and music licensing & placement, your project has our 100% attention and commitment to be completed on time and within budget.


Didiayer Snyder


Christopher Snyder

Christopher and Didiayer Snyder have a unique partnership, insofar as they have attained a healthy symmetry within the boundaries of their profession, marriage, and family life. It is due to this dynamic couple's life philosophy and work ethic that clients are drawn. They are the founders of the UpLevel series, a collection of online courses designed to assist people of all ages and backgrounds to advance in their lives, as well as the television show At Home With Didiayer and Travel With Didiayer.

At Home With Didiayer


Travel With Didiayer


UpLevel Your Career


UpLevel Your Business


UpLevel Your Happiness



Christopher is a beloved husband and father, skilled musician, writer, director, and camera operator. While Didiayer is a caring mother, seasoned television host, mentor, motivational speaker, marketing maven, story-writer, and producer. Together they have successfully marketed over 250 hours of content.

                                                  Email: uplevelcollective@gmail.com                                                 

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Michael Edwards

Production & Post Production Supervisor

As a spirited purveyor of artistry, Michael aims to reveal the nature of creativity through the tools of technicality. Detail-oriented with an emphasis on concise storytelling, he finds joy in the coupling of creative and technical skills. With over 15 years of experience in multimedia development, his wide set of skills are the glue that binds a project together.

Michael Schmidt

In-House Music Composer

Michael has written music for over 500 commercials as well as several television shows and films. His composing skills are complemented by his wide-ranging and cutting-edge vision of the Sound Designer's art, drawn from his diverse experiences in a variety of formats including Film, Television, Commercials, Music Videos, Theme Parks, and the Internet. 

Website: www.fuseboxsound.com