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What’s Happening

While traditional broadcast media fades from the centerpiece of households worldwide, a new development has arrived vying for the attention of every consumer: “VOD” or Video on Demand. It is anticipated that by 2022, over 2 billion people worldwide will be accessing some form of curated entertainment through on-demand services.


It is not just the convenience that is driving this trend. It is the ability for consumers to have direct access to their favored interests. Conversely, the social media revolution has enabled content creators with the ability to market their creations directly to individuals most likely to enjoy it.


How We Fit In

Now entering our 4th season, the At Home With Didiayer series aims to bring authentic stories to the hearts and minds of consumers with an eye on the greater world beyond them. Through VOD, we are now able to connect the sights and sounds of a destination with individuals seeking just that experience. 


Currently, seasons 1 and 2 are available through the VOD (Video On Demand) platforms Amazon Prime and Roku TV reaching over 100 million households in 42 countries. New streaming platforms will continually be added furthering our brand’s reach globally.


Previously, these seasons have aired internationally via ION Life, Hallmark Movies Now, Makeful, Pureflix, WJXX ABC, Vermont TV, and TVi Malaysia reaching over 50 million households worldwide.



Season 3, entitled Abroad with Didiayer is currently in phase one of traditional broadcast distribution and will soon find itself on the air internationally followed by VOD distribution. 


How You Fit In

A. Video On Demand advertising opportunities attached to Seasons 1, 2, and 3. With nearly 50 episodes feeding in to the world of VOD and more importantly, directly to ideal consumers, advertising with our platform will expose your brand and messaging to a wide variety of eager travelers.  For more information, visit:


B. Season 4. Abroad with Didiayer continues. As we explore potential locations for filming, we are seeking engaging partners to aid in showcasing unique destinations and experiences. Integrating you brand into a 30 minute program would naturally serve to enhance your brand’s presence in households worldwide.

Television Show Integration

The integration of your company into the fourth season of our television show provides a unique opportunity that benefits in a multitude of ways. Primarily by utilizing the Location Integration aspect on a 30-minute episode of the Abroad With Didiayer* television program.


For example, "Destination Cabo" may include segments that highlight:

- Ideal accommodations showcasing suites and amenities

- An on-site cooking demo promoting local cuisine and featuring an Executive Chef - Adventure activities with a resort partner

- An Interview with a resort representative


In addition to episode Integration, this package includes the above-mentioned 4-minute promotional video featuring on-camera host Didiayer Snyder; social media posts throughout the duration of the shoot; a curated blog about the resort; and a banner on the At Home With Didiayer website.

The Abroad With Didiayer* television program centers on sharing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through promoting innovative segments including such topics as Cuisine, Travel, Architecture, and Design, and thought-provoking stories about individuals that are having a positive influence within their communities!

Television Segment

There are 6 segments per episode in season 4 of Abroad With Didiayer. Companies are able to showcase their offerings in a segment with other contributors. 

- Your story authentically shared in an episode 


- Blog on the At Home With Didiayer website


Social media posts during shooting of the segment

$5,000 per segment

Tailored Content - Project specific Pricing
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